Project to be carried out jointly between the PUEBLO ALEGRE FOUNDATION

Important: It should be clarified that this project was carried out and awarded in Israel and Spain.

This project has the support of:

-Foundation Pueblo Alegre -Comuna 04 Government of the City of Buenos Aires.
-Happines of Living Foundation (Spain)
-Red Sanar de Argentina (all the American continent)

Main objective of the Project:

Improve the health of Grandparents in all its aspects (spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, social and values). Reactivate physical and mental abilities through artistic, recreational and physical activities and a Guide on Healthy Nutrition.

Educate the population in recycling and sustainable development.

Guide training course:

The project will be carried out through the use of the Internet, beginning with the theoretical training of the future Guides of groups of older adults for the Centers for the Elderly and retirees.
Once the Guides are formed, field work will begin.
A training on "Learning to live with humor" is currently underway. It will be part of the training of future Guides.
In practice future Guides will learn about:

-Singing y Canto Coral
-Paya-medicine, Humor Magic with
-Risa yoga, non-sense language (yibrish)
-Motorola film
-Security vial
-Intelligence Emotional
-Feeling happiness
-Education environmental, sustainable development and recycling from home

Important: Each discipline will be dictated by an area professional.

Duration of training:

The course will last three (3) months.
Number of participants:
Minimum of two (2) people and maximum of fifteen (15).

First pilot on test

Once the Guides have been trained and with the support of Commune 04 of the City of Buenos Aires, we will begin with the program, first in a Senior Center of Commune 04, and then propagate in Senior Centers throughout the City of Buenos Aires and Córdoba (Capital and Province).
In a second stage and with the Guides working with the grandparents in their recreation, we will go on to work in a Public School also in Commune 04. In said School we will train teachers who are interested in the subject to with the help of the Guides, first, to teach them about recycling and the seven colors (Emerald Grandparents - Old Women, Old Precious Greens) and secondly to prepare the children to participate in short humorous films with grandparents.
We will make these short humorous films in the senior centers with the participation of children and other participants, such as teachers and parents of students, will be incorporated until the general participation of all generations is achieved.

In addition, university students will be invited, so that from the beginning academic research (thesis or field studies) will be carried out, and the results will be compared with other similar investigations.
The Pilot will end with a great event to display the films produced by grandparents and children in a theater where it will be shared with all families.
It should be noted that all these films that are made will also participate in the world competition for short films with humor.

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Fundación Pueblo Alegre © 2020 - All Rights Reserved.