Pueblo Alegre is a non-profit foundation whose main mission is to ensure the well-being of all human beings and especially the elderly, giving them reasons to live a life of fulfillment and joy.
We dream that all people reach an advanced age with good psychophysical health and we are convinced that this dream is possible because we already achieved it in countries such as Israel and Spain and today we are beginning to make it a reality in Argentina. That quality of life that we want for everyone is enriched by intergenerational work, taking as a parameter to create a better world to leave it as a legacy to future generations. "WE HAVE THE CONVICTION THAT IN LESS THAN 20 YEARS, 80% OF HUMAN BEINGS WILL LIVE WITH DIGNIFICANCE SINCE IT IS AN IMPERIOUS NEED AND AMONG ALL WE WILL ACHIEVE IT."


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* LAW of GRANDMOTHERS / OS ESMERALDA (Old precious greens)

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Law for the promotion of one's own life SUIVIDA

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